Funding the next generation of healthcare builders

At Inflect Capital, we aim to transform the future of healthcare by backing visionary entrepreneurs who seek to build category-defining solutions

How We Work:

Early stage focus

We specialize in pre-seed, seed, and series A investments. We believe in getting involved early to provide the maximum impact and support from our ecosystem and network.

World-changing founders

Our focus is on founders with a clear vision and a passion for changing the world of healthcare. We look for teams that combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Hands-on partners

We roll up our sleeves and partner deeply with our entrepreneurs as their initial design partner, go-to-market accelerant, and healthcare network multiplier.


“Inflect was a critical partner in Seven Starling's zero-to-one journey. The Inflect team is incredibly supportive, deeply understands the healthcare journey, and meaningfully accelerated our company's trajectory through their networks and capabilities."

-Tina, Seven Starling CEO

“Inflect has been an incredible partner to us on multiple levels — the team has provided a variety of clinical perspectives on our product, technology, and strategy, while also serving as an early distribution channel for our product. Their feedback from early use allowed us to perform fast iterations and produce increasingly better versions of our product and technology."

-Leo, Jona CEO

“The Inflect team go above and beyond. They offer advice and support without judgement — 100% of the time. Breaking down the walls in healthcare institutions is hard but Inflect has been our key navigator. When we’re looking for ideas, strategy, and guidance — they’re our first call. If there’s a fund you want on your cap table, this is it.”

-Autumn, ShiftRx CEO





Ansible Health

Jack Po

Personalized respiratory care with virtual pulmonologist, rehab, and chronic care services


Olivia Walch

Circadian rhythm technology that provides behavioral recommendations to improve sleep and health in shift workers


Joan Zhang

Arise is empowering effective support for people to heal their body and mind.

Ayble Health

Sam Jactel

Digital GI care platform that combines behavioral science and clinical protocols to improve the standard of care


Artur Arib

Provider of AI diagnostics services intended for emergency departments to deliver real-time insights

Curve Health

Matthew Michela

SNF platform with telemedicine, billing, health information exchange, and predictive analytics

Decoded Health

Mark Hanson

Virtual medical resident designed to improve the efficiency of physicians & patient engagement


Andrew Lockhart

Medical coding automation powered by AI, leveraging natural language processing and deep learning


Ritu Lal

Biotechnology platform that accelerates cures for inflammatory & age-related diseases


Paul Gilbert

Mental health assessment and treatment services that leverage machine learning


Andrew Napier

Medical device designed to establish an airway in emergency situations

Ivy Clinicians

Leon Adelman

Marketplace technology that matches the right clinician with the right employer


Leo Grady

Microbiome diagnosis and personalized medicine platform


Christian Stoll

Autogenics based meditation-focused wellness platform


Michelle Zhou

No-code AI assistants with cognitive intelligence


Ian Koons

Cardiac value-based care enablement

Macro Trials

Iana Dimkova

Precision research clinical platform designed to bring treatments to market at scale faster

Rely Health

Soham More

Enables healthcare teams to design or enhance Care Navigation programs


Autumn-Kyoko Cushman

AI-driven platform designed to address healthcare staffing shortage


Diedrik Vermeulen

Point-of-care diagnostic platform with at-home protein sensing setting

Seven Starling

Tina Beilinson

Mental healthcare for every stage of motherhood


Husein Attarwala

Comprehensive Emergency Medical response services

Sparta Science

Phil Wagner

Holistic movement health platform that incorporate high-quality movement assessments


Nanea Reeves

Award-winning wellness platform based on scientific research and leverages XR to improve well-being


Kara Egan

At-home cervical cancer screening for all women


Alan Roga

Health equity solutions for health systems


Maitham Dib

API for at home health