Bridging clinical expertise and innovation
At Inflect Advisory, we offer unparalleled insights and expertise drawn from our deep roots in frontline healthcare. Our team, composed of experienced physicians and healthcare business leaders, provides a unique blend of clinical and strategic consulting tailored to meet the needs of technology companies, government agencies, and other healthcare organizations.

Our services


Fractional CMO Leadership:

Our physicians are experts in both healthcare and technology and can be contracted as outsourced Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) for startups aiming to build robust clinical workflows, ensure clinical quality, and navigate the complexities of healthcare operations. Leverage our seasoned professionals to strengthen your clinical leadership and operational excellence.


Healthcare x AI Consulting:

We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of medicine, frontline care delivery, and cutting-edge technology. Our team comprises seasoned experts who not only understand the complexities of healthcare but also possess deep expertise in AI and statistical modeling. We can support any team building and testing solutions at the intersection of healthcare and AI.


Expert Healthcare Network:

Our team of professionals excels at identifying, assessing, and connecting you with the ideal healthcare subject matter experts tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're training medical AI models or seeking precise medical annotation, we ensure you have access to the best-fit experts to drive your projects forward with accuracy and expertise.


Go-to-Market Support:

We facilitate strategic collaborations between our clients and top health systems nationwide, ensuring that innovations gain the credibility and exposure needed for successful market entry. Whether launching pilot programs, conducting research initiatives, or forming strategic alliances, our connections help amplify the impact and reach of our clients' groundbreaking solutions.


Real World Product Validation:

Partner with us to gain direct product feedback and validation from frontline healthcare providers. Our extensive network allows clients to test and refine their solutions in real-world clinical settings, ensuring that innovations are thoroughly vetted and validated before reaching the market, significantly increasing the likelihood of success and adoption.