We invest, incubate, and advise companies to transform the future of healthcare. We're backed by Vituity, the largest physician-owned partnership in the US, with 6K+ clinicians across 450+ practice locations serving 9M+patients annually.


Inflect Capital

We invest in the best pre-seed, seed, and series A startups innovating across healthcare. We aspire to be your earliest design partner, fastest go-to-market accelerant, and most knowledgeable healthcare advisor on the cap table

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Inflect Studio

We identify pressing healthcare challenges, validate new solutions, and apply our unique insights and strategic advantages to build where there are unmet market needs

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Inflect Advisory

We leverage over 50 years of industry expertise to offer invaluable clinician perspectives and healthcare insights. Our consultants collaborate with leading Fortune 500 companies, emerging startups, and government entities to empower them to master and disrupt the healthcare status quo

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